Friday, June 14, 2013

(Related Update): OK for me, but not for thee...

Related Update:  From an interesting post at's excellent blog, Hit & Run:
"The virtually unyielding preference for partisanship over principle," writes Nick Gillespie, "explains why regardless of which party controls the government, the surveillance state continues to grow. It’s totally different, don’t you see, when my guy is running the show!"

Original Post:  Results from a recent Pew poll support the idea that Americans are willing to shift their attitudes on various political issues as a function of whether their preferred party is in power.  So it's really not suprising to learn that Obama has made a living out doing that as well.   Consider that when Bush was President,
President Obama co-sponsored legislation when he was a member of the Senate that would have banned the mass collection of phone records that his administration is now engaged in.   The SAFE Act, introduced by former Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), would have amended the Patriot Act to require that the government have "specific and articulable facts" to show that a person is an "agent of a foreign power" before seizing their phone records.
Given the current NSA, IRS, and AP News scandals, it appears he had a change of heart.  Or, perhaps, he's just another typical hypocritical politician. The point of all this is that Obama opposes/supports specific initiatives that are anti-Republican when there is a Republican (Bush) in the White House. But once he's the President, those very same immoral/evil/corrupt policies suddenly are acceptable and the order of the day.  For further evidence of this point, click here.