Friday, June 28, 2013

(Related Update): How much money does D.C. raise from camera traffic violations in just one 3-mile stretch?

Related Update:  This could go under the title of "More of this, faster": Elmwood Place in Ohio and the company it employed were previously ordered to stop using traffic cameras for red light violations and speeding tickets.  Apparently, the civil servants there thought they were above the law because they ignored the judge's order to stop.  Well, today, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman held them in contempt of court and ordered all monies collected from citizens after his original ruling to be returned.  Here's Ruehlman:
“They continued to operate the equipment after I ordered them not to,” the judge said, citing both Optotraffic and Elmwood Place with contempt of court. He also ordered the cameras and equipment confiscated.They can clear that contempt, the judge added, by repaying $48,500 in speeding fines collected after his order and removing the traffic cameras.

Original Post: Way more than you probably realize.  Click here for a recent Washington Post article that, among other related issues, answers the above question.  Also, here (here, and here) are some recent related OLS posts.