Tuesday, June 4, 2013

(Related update): Aiding and abetting farmers

Related Update: Cato @ Liberty points out that the folks in D.C. taking away your money to give to farmers are also world class hypocrites.  In a post entitled, "And the award for most hypocritical performance by a member of Congress goes to..", Tad Dehaven highlights the amazing hypocrisy of Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn) in the course of recently defending small cuts in food stamps.  First, his public stance:
 “But more than that, the role of citizens, of Christians, of humanity, is to take care of each other,” Fincher said at a Memphis event last week. “But not for Washington to steal money from those in the country and give it to others in the country. Our role is out of control.”
And now for some cold facts from a recent NYT article:
Using Agriculture Department data, researchers at the Environmental Working Group found that Representative Stephen Fincher, a Republican and a farmer from Frog Jump, Tenn., collected nearly $3.5 million in subsidies from 1999 to 2012. The data is part of the research group’s online farm subsidy database, from which the group issues a report each year. 
Dehaven's article is worth a look and can be found here.

Original Post:   One of the largest, and longest lived, areas of cronyism involves corporate welfare for the farm industry.  It started with FDR and his disastrous New Deal initiative and continues to this very day.  One of the most relentless organizations battling against farm aid over the last couple of decades has been the Cato Institute.  And this morning, I link to a strong post on their blog yesterday that identifies five solid reasons why farm subsidies should be halted immediately.  Here's the first:
1. Unfair Redistribution. Farm programs take from average taxpayers and give to higher-income farm households, which is a reverse Robin Hood scheme. In 2011 average incomes of farm households was $87,289, or 25 percent higher than the $69,677 average of all U.S. households.
To see the rest, check out the article here.