Sunday, June 9, 2013

Modeling failure

Most people are unaware that the global warming alarmist's position is, ultimately, based on predictions about future temperatures as derived from computer models.  Further, most people are unaware of how colossally bad these models actually are at their jobs.  And Roy Spencer, a leading American climatologist and global warming skeptic, is fed up about it.  In a guest post at WattsUpWithThat, Spencer writes (HT: Not PC),
In my opinion, the day of reckoning has arrived. The modellers and the IPCC have willingly ignored the evidence for low climate sensitivity for many years, despite the fact that some of us have shown that simply confusing cause and effect when examining cloud and temperature variations can totally mislead you on cloud feedbacks (e.g. Spencer & Braswell, 2010). The discrepancy between models and observations is not a new issue…just one that is becoming more glaring over time.
The discrepancy he's talking about is easy to see in this devastating graph of the predictions of 73 climate models vs. reality: