Sunday, June 2, 2013

Incredible photos!

Remember those stick-and-circle diagrams of various chemical elements from high school chemistry?  Well some amazing new photography has, for the first time, revealed that, incredibly, that's pretty much what they look like in real life! (HT: Instapundit).
 For the first time, scientists have visually captured a molecule at single-atom resolution in the act of rearranging its bonds. The images look startlingly similar to the stick diagrams in chemistry textbooks.
Until now, scientists were only able to infer molecular structures. Using atomic force microscopy, the individual atomic bonds — each a few ten-millionths of a millimeter long – that connect the carbon molecule’s 26 carbon and 14 hydrogen atoms are clearly visible. The results are reported online May 30 in Science.
Check out the photos for yourself, here.