Monday, June 3, 2013

How about sending them to jail?

Ever notice how politicians and bureaucrats involved in scandals almost never suffer serious punishment for their wrong-doings? Oh, they may lose an election or, occasionally, have to resign from office (though firing a government bureaucrat is next to impossible).  But jail time? Almost never.  So they manipulate and spend our money, regulate and control our behaviors, and when they get caught doing something immoral and illegal, the worse that happens is they get fired.  Think the CEO of Exxon would be let off as lightly as Hillary Clinton had four people died on his watch? Well, for more on this very topic, check out this excerpt from a maddening op-ed from the Washington Examiner:
That said, the consequences to Clinton for Benghazi have been minimal to date and she is far from alone among the country's Teflon political class.
Consider the IRS scandal in which it has become obvious that the tax agency has for years targeted conservative, evangelical and pro-Israel nonprofit status applicants for illegal harassment. Lois Lerner, the IRS executive most directly responsible, has been put on administrative leave, but she's still drawing a fat paycheck. And nothing remotely like a painful consequence has been imposed on Donald L. Shulman, who was IRS commissioner when most of the harassment took place.