Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hero: Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire is an OLS hero.  Why?  From a recent IBD article quoting Ginger Rogers (HT: RealClearHistory):
Rogers once said, "How do you think those routines were accomplished? With mirrors? Well, I thought I knew what concentrated work was before I met Fred, but he's the limit. Never satisfied until every detail is right, and he will not compromise. No sir! What's more, if he thinks of something better after you've finished a routine, you do it over."
And this from novelist John O'Hara:
"He takes a job, he works and works on it until he is ready, and then he delivers. And then he goes home. That is the magic formula, and anybody can do the same, provided he is endowed with the physical equipment of a decathlon champion, the imagination of an artist, the perseverance of an expert in dressage, the determination of a gyrene [United States] drill sergeant, the self-confidence of a lion tamer, the self-criticism of a neophyte in holy orders, the pride of a man who has created his own tradition."
There is much more in this fascinating article, available here.