Monday, June 10, 2013

Go get 'em Landsburg!

Noted economist Steven Landsburg posted a scathing article a couple of days ago in which he takes Democrat politician Sheldon Whitehouse to task for lying and intentionally using deceptive data at a congressional hearing, and also NYT economist Paul Krugman for providing Whitehouse intellectual cover.   This is Landsburg at his best: educational, sarcastic, biting, and indignant --- makes for great reading!  Here's an excerpt:
When a politician misleads the public with distorted or flat-out fictional data, or uses eight minutes of national TV time to smear the character of the careful scholar who dared to report an inconvenient set of facts, you can always count on Paul Krugman of the New York Times to leap to the defense of truth and honesty — or, alternatively, to jump on the bandwagon if the politician happens to be a Democrat.
Read the entire post here.