Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What do Monica Lewinski and Benghazi have in common?

A:  They're both scandals that two sitting Democrat Presidents wanted off the radar so badly, that they both played politics with other people's lives.  Why this is so is the subject of a very cynical (so I loved it, of course!), very provocative, and very interesting article at PJMedia by Abraham Miller entitled Benghazi and the Lust for Power.  Miller, an Emeritus Professor of Political Science, starts his article with this attention-grabbing paragraph:

The Benghazi scandal raises the issue of whether President Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s lust for power is so addictive that they would  sacrifice the lives of four fellow Americans, put scores of others in harm’s way, and then precipitate an ongoing national crisis through a long, torturous cover-up. We expect our politicians to lie. We expect them to be corrupt.  We expect them to be a class unto themselves and to exempt themselves from the laws they create.  We just don’t expect them to kill to attain power.  Or shouldn’t we?
Miller takes no prisoners in this article, another reason I liked the article.  On a related note: there is a lot of chattering going on at the moment in the blogosphere about how this Benghazi scandal is only going to get bigger and more problematic for Obama.  I think there is a lot of wishful thinking underlying that hypothesis; the Obama Administration seems completely impervious to damage from the myriad scandals and immoral activities that define it.  And I'm cynical enough to believe that Obama and Hillary -- as with Slicky Willy before them -- will come through virtually unscathed.