Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Posts

One of the driving forces over the course of Japanese history is their relentless search for energy.  One of the major reasons for their aggressive behavior up to and including WW2 was the pursuit of energy.  And now it appears that the island nation may be sitting on a virtually endless supply of energy in the form of methane hydrates.  Check out this fascinating article to learn much more.

Ever heard of the "Locofocos"?  Neither had I until I read this really interesting historical piece from Lawrence Reed writing at The Freeman.  It's inspirational history -- my favorite kind!

Donald Kagan, a classicist scholar at Yale University, is a highly respected promoter of Western Civilization and its traditional value system.  After 44 years teaching at Yale, he gave his farewell lecture a couple of weeks ago.  And in this informative WSJ article briefly recapping his career, he has some insightful, albeit less than optimistic, observations about the future of our country.