Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Links: Death by environmentalism

We hear alot from the media and the political class about the inevitable death and destruction that man-made CO2 will cause if we don't give up our first-world ways (in other words, abandon capitalism).  What's almost never discussed is the real -- not hypothesized -- death and destruction inflicted on real humans at this moment in time. So, with an eye to rectifying that situation in whatever little way I can, here are links to three articles that if you read them, will make you gasp:

First, is a recent research article by Cato Institute scholar Indur Goklany that shows how biofuel policies resulted in 192,000 needless deaths in 2010, with more on the way.

Second, is an article from the American Enterprise Institute that looks specifically at ethanol and shows how much unnecessary human misery and wealth destruction US ethanol policies are causing.  Here's a nice slice:
“Corn ethanol fails every test a biofuel could hope to pass. It doesn’t lower emissions; it raises them. It also raises the global price of corn, starving the world’s poor and possibly inciting riots. But EPA mandates are propping up this boondoggle.”

And lastly, one of the single best articles I've ever read on any topic: Robert Bidinotto's aptly titled "Death by Environmentalism".