Thursday, May 23, 2013

This is surprising...

The Reason Foundation recently released a report on the status and quality of the American highway and road system, and made this surprising claim:
Far from crumbling highways, our new Reason Foundation report finds that America’s state-owned highways have actually improved on key measures of road performance. There’s no doubt state governments can do better. In many ways, they’re inefficient, and state transportation dollars are a trough for cronies. But the crumbling infrastructure meme is just a myth.
I don't know enough about this topic to speak competently, but I must still confess to being a little skeptical of the findings.  The article looks at several interesting measurements (and does so in accessible language) and, at the end, provides readers with a means of accessing the entire study.  Also, the Reason Foundation has a good reputation for quality research and, in this instance, the researcher is a noted economics professor from UNC-Charlotte.  My real-world experiences and intuition have been wrong before....Anyway, check it out for yourself here.