Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scared Dems distancing themselves from Obamacare....

In a previous edition of OLS Weekend Links, I briefly discussed evidence that the Dems are getting very scared as more revelations about the Obamacare Monster are made public each week.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote:
Speaking of good news, it seems that the Dems are starting to acknowledge that the Obamacare monstrosity they jammed down the country's throat is going to be a disaster. Yesterday, OLS posted on the roofer's union calling for its repeal, and earlier this week, Obamacare architect Max Bacus (D-MT) called it a "train wreck about to happen".  Click here to see an excellent post (complete with videos) on Baucus's retreat and actual comments. 
Some more good news: yesterday The Hill reported that,
Anxious Democrats fear a botched implementation of ObamaCare could dash their hopes of controlling the House and Senate for President Obama’s last two years in office.
Read this short article here.
(HT: Peter Suderman).