Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Re-framing time and discovering more of it

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds linked to this article yesterday that enticed me with its intriguing title.  I almost gave up on reading the entire article after the first paragraph [after all, my time is limited...:-)], and am glad I didn't.  My initial reaction is that the author, Penelope Trunk, was just providing clever ways of saying, in effect, multi-task -- do more than one thing at once to deal with a pressing lack of time.  But Trunk goes deeper than that by suggesting that how you define your activities and time commitments will alter your perspective on your time constraints.  Here's a teaser sample from her blog post, Splice Time to Have More Ways of It:
Work life/Home life
This is the typical divide. It is useless because it’s not helping anyone feel better about themselves. And also, if we really wanted to divide time this way we’d all put away our iPhones. The other thing about dividing life between home time and work time is that there is then clearly not enough time. So we go nuts. And we always revert to overlapping the two.  This is why I started coming up with new ways to think about time: to make enough space that I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by my lack of time all the time.
I found this to be a very insightful article and, if you have time (pun intended), check it out!