Saturday, May 11, 2013

(Not) Tebow Time

The economists who run the blog The Sports Economist are not prolific posters (just 3 posts in the last 29 days, by my count).  However, when they offer up an article, it's worth reading and digesting.  Such is the case with their recent effort at addressing the current lack of interest in Tim Tebow by NFL teams.  This time the author is Brian Goff, who puts the question thusly:
Why is Tim Tebow out in the cold? Why are general managers and coaches willing to roll the dice with a QB who has never played an NFL down or a struggling QB versus one who holds a winning record and notched a stylish, memorable playoff victory over the vaunted Pittsburgh defense?
Goff analyzes the question from a variety of angles, perhaps most interestingly (at least, to me) is his thought that Tebow might be a victim of bad timing.  You can read why Goff makes this claim and more, by accessing the article here.