Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No liberal bias to see here; move along please....

One of the topics I cover in class, albeit briefly, is the overwhelming liberal bias in the news organizations, particularly the traditional, mainstream media.  Prior to the Obama Administration, making my case was more difficult because the MSM postured as adhering to principles of neutrality and fairness.  However, with the ascent of "The Chosen One", they willingly -- indeed, aggressively -- dropped all pretense of impartiality, and for all intents and purposes are, as Glenn Reynolds likes to say, "democratic party operatives with by-lines".  As just a recent example of this, consider this headline from a recent Hot Air report, likely to be lost among all the scandals rocking The Chosen One's world at the moment:
Top CBS, ABC, CNN execs all have relatives working as advisors for the White House
More from the article (HT: Instapundit):
They’re not in the tank out of family loyalty, they’re in the tank out of ideological loyalty. Replace the leadership at CBS, ABC, and CNN and you’ll get the same results. But Grenell’s not arguing to the contrary: The point here is simply to show that our government leadership and our media leadership are so chummy that, not infrequently, they’ve literally lived in the same house. It’s an especially vivid illustration of a wider problem.
Can you imagine they hypocrtical media outrage if Bush had Fox News executives as advisors in the WH during his administration?