Friday, May 17, 2013

Maybe even greater than FDR?

And I don't mean the question to be taken in a positive sense.  What I'm really asking is,  "Is Obama a bigger violater of the Constitution than FDR was?" I tell my students that, in terms of fidelity and respect for the ideals of the US Constitution, FDR was easily the most disdainful president our country had until that point in time.  But, and as I did at the beginning of this semester, I also tell them that the current occupant of the White House, with the better part of 4 years to go, is a serious contender.  Well, given the two new scandals rocking DC at the moment, I'm about to declare The Chosen One has surpassed his idol FDR in his disdain and contempt for our Constitution.  And as a short, but direct, editorial at Investors Business Daily today states:
As we have warned over and over again in the last four years, this is an exceedingly power-hungry president who has no respect for the Constitution or rule of law. He will continue to run roughshod over our individual rights and economic freedoms — if we continue to let him.
Read the IBD article here.