Monday, May 27, 2013

Just the way he is....

I've always been a huge Billy Joel fan, well at least since the first time I heard "Piano Man".  But I never really knew much about him, though I do harbor massive annoyance at Rolling Stone Magazine over the years for their unwillingness to highly rate him, or any of his songs or albums, in their seminal rock and roll ranking collections.  So it was with considerable interest that I read the lengthy interview with Joel in the NYTimes this past Friday.  It covers lots of ground and has plenty of juicy insights.  Here's one I particularly enjoyed about the Hurricane Sandy relief concert featuring Joel and other aged rockers:
Andrew Goldman: You’re by no means a fogy, but you’re 64 now. When you look at other rockers your age, how do you think you’re faring? Are there other guys whom you look at and think, There but for the grace of God?

Billy Joel: It was funny, because backstage at the 12-12-12 concert, nobody is a spring chicken anymore. Here comes Keith, and Keith is from the time of King Tut. Then there’s Pete Townshend and Mick and McCartney. Rocking-chair rockers. Bon Jovi is next door to me, and then Bruce is down the hall, and we kind of felt like the youngsters. But everybody is still doing it much older than I thought we would ever be. I thought there was a mandatory retirement age at 40, but then the Stones broke that barrier. Now Bruce and I are in our 60s, and the older guys are in their 70s.