Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If youth loves independence and recoils from authority, why do the young vote for dependency?

That's a paraphrase of one of three paradoxes social commentator Robert Tracinski addresses in this superb piece published a few weeks ago at Real Clear Politics.  This article is intellectually challenging and is moderately long for a piece of political commentary; however, like most of Tracinski's work, it rewards the reader for putting forth the effort.  Here's an important slice of his article:
If we ask why this group leans so far to the left, on one level the answer is simple. College students and recent graduates lean left because of what they were taught in the universities, which are notorious as one of the last domains for Marxist theories and “political correctness.” But this answer is oversimplified and perhaps a bit circular. After all, why are the universities bastions for these ideas—and why do today’s youth, raised in a culture of pointed, sarcastic skepticism, accept those so ideas with so little resistance?
I strongly recommend this article, which you can find here.