Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Human progress: Food for the soul!

Here's a blog post at The Objective Standard that rightly points out that, despite the plethora of bad news around the world, there are many amazing, pro-life technological advancements occuring all around us.  Indeed, one of the major reasons I enjoy TOS so much is that it makes a concerted effort to promote and advertise human progress (something I try to emulate, at least a little bit, here at OLS).  As post author Ari Armstrong states,
The bad news can be overwhelming. It is important, then, to keep an eye on the good news, both as an act of justice toward the rational and productive people who inspire the headlines, and as spiritual fuel for our own lives and efforts.
To that end, Armstrong lists a few very recent, very amazing new advancements that you probably weren't aware of (I was most amazed by the fiber cables story).  He also includes a short video of Richard Branson's SpaceShipTwo flight.  If you're looking for some inspiring news, check out his TOS post here.