Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heroes of the day: The Free Keene libertarian group in New Hampshire

Well, they would be if I actually had a heroes of the day feature at OLS! In any event, after reading this short report about some of their activities, I just had to share.  Here's what they're doing:
The Libertarian Free Keene group in New Hampshire has been “tormenting” the city (and the city’s bottom line) by bouncing around town with pockets full of loose change, feeding meters in order to keep people from getting parking tickets and sometimes videotaping officers. This is so frightening to the city that it’s turning to the courts to try to get a restraining order to keep these people away.
Good on the Free Keeners! A clever form of non-violent protest against overbearing government intrusion.  Perhaps the folks in the Tampa, Fl. area could take a page out of the Free Keeners playbook.  Based on this news story a couple of days ago, they sure have a reason to:
A story from, 10 News in Tampa, Florida, reported that their investigative team found that the Florida Department of Transportation quietly changed the state’s policy on yellow light intervals, reducing the minimum below federal recommendations. As a result, yellow light times that were reduced were found to increase traffic light citations, which means more revenue for cities and counties.
You can read more about the Tampa story here.