Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Did the IRS try to swing the election to Obama?"

What do you think? There's no doubt in my mind, though getting the Obamaites to admit it openly is probably not going to happen.  His supporters at the agency (whose employees, by the way, were much larger supporters of Obama than Romney) and the media are trying to spin the scandal as simply a combination of rogue agents and overall poor management.  But if political and ideological motivations are not the cause, then we would expect to see Obama-inclined political groups receiving the same sort of treatment as Tea Party/conservative groups over the time period in question.  However, as this article at IBD points out, the more information that comes to light, the less sense that position makes.  Consider that the IRS:
Gave preferential treatment to liberal groups. On Tuesday, USA Today reported that while the IRS was hounding conservative groups and holding up their applications for tax-exempt status, it was quickly ushering liberal groups with names like "Progress Florida" and "Missourians Organizing for Reform" through the process.

USA Today found that in the 27 months after Feb. 2010, the IRS did not approve a single Tea Party application. Over those same months, however, dozens of applications submitted by liberal groups that were engaged in the same type of activities and were seeking the same tax status as the conservative ones sailed through the agency.
 You definitely want to read this article...lots of interesting facts on this on-going nightmare.