Saturday, May 18, 2013

Colorado lawmakers facing blowback over new gun restrictions

Seems that gun supporters in Colorado are not taking their new restrictions as lawmakers had hoped.  Today Town Hall reports that sheriffs from 54 of the 64 counties in Colorado have joined together in a lawsuit against the state's new, stricter gun ownership policies:
Colorado sheriffs upset with gun restrictions adopted in the aftermath of last year's mass shootings filed a federal lawsuit Friday, challenging the regulations as unconstitutional.  The lawsuit involves sheriffs from 54 of Colorado's 64 counties, most representing rural, gun-friendly areas of the state.  The sheriffs say the new state laws violate Second Amendment protections that guarantee the right to keep and bear arms. Opponents are criticizing the lawsuit as political maneuvering.
And previously, Fox News reported that these very same lawmakers may face recall elections over the issue:
Colorado Democratic lawmakers who recently helped pass some of the toughest gun-control laws in the country now face the political backlash of recall efforts.
Two groups are targeting state Rep. Mike McLachlan and state Sens. Angela Giron, Evie Hudak and John Morse.