Monday, May 6, 2013

Because the rich owners of NFL teams need my tax money

A seldom discussed fact about the National Football League is that it is a leading proponent of corporate cronyism.  The primary form the cronyism takes is new stadium construction.  And though lobbying is a standard procedure, the NFL teams have an unique weapon at their disposal: extortion.  NFL owners regularly play the "give us dollars or we're moving to Los Angeles" card, as this article describing the current flux of NFL stadium cronyism notes (HT: CronyChronicles):
As finances for states and cities improve, many of their marquee teams are asking for help—and threatening to leave for Los Angeles if they do not get it. That leaves public officials in a bind. They may not want to raise taxes, but they do not want to be blamed for losing a city’s favorite team.
As I titled a previous OLS post on sports cronyism, I love sports but I hate cronyism more.