Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Americans deserve the government they vote for"

That's the takeaway from another superb article at Capitalism Magazine by Michael Hurd.  According to him, we shouldn't be surprised by the various scandals of the Obama Administration.  Why? Because Americans no longer hold their president accountable.  Here's a critical portion of his must-read article:
The real scandal is that Americans no longer hold their Presidents accountable. We saw what happened to Richard Nixon when he strayed off course in the 1970s. And you can imagine George W. Bush’s fate had his IRS been targeting the leftist or the Democratic National Committee for “special questions.” Bill Clinton took heat for his perjury in the sex scandals, and Ronald Reagan took heat for Iran-contra. Those days are over. Obama is held accountable for absolutely nothing, because the American people no longer pay attention to what their government does, so long as the benefits and goodies keep coming.
Absolutely worth reading in its entirety.