Sunday, May 12, 2013

3D printing, information censorship, and gun control

Related Update:   It didn't take long for the Feds to go after Cody Wilson once the news stories hit the public.  They sent him a letter requesting that he remove the 3D blueprints from his website, to which he complied. But lest you think he's upset by it, consider this:
Defense Distributed Founder Cody Wilson's reaction: "I'm disappointed, not surprised," he tells us in a phone interview. And besides, he says, "[The blueprint] has been downloaded over 100,000 times, so it's like, I mean, we win." 
Read the entire article here.

Original Post:  This Forbes article describes how 3D printing guru Cody Wilson has virtually succeeded in creating the world's first 3D printed handgun.  Perhaps more importantly, though, Wilson is making the blueprints available free on-line as a means of exposing and testing the reach of gun control laws and their interface with information censorship.  From the article (HT: DrudgeReport):
Once the file is online, anyone will be able to download and print the gun in the privacy of their garage, legally or not, with no serial number, background check, or other regulatory hurdles. “You can print a lethal device,” Wilson told me last summer. “It’s kind of scary, but that’s what we’re aiming to show.” Since it was founded last August, Wilson’s group has sought to make as many components of a gun as possible into printable blueprints and to host those controversial files online, thwarting gun laws and blurring the lines between the regulation of firearms and information censorship.
The article points out that gun control advocates are already trying to ban these guns, so my guess is that this issue will be public for awhile.