Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend Links

Economic historian Robert Higgs has a worthwhile article on the year 1913 at The Beacon, the blog of the Independent Institute.  Unlike many of the articles written recently on that disastrous year, Higgs focuses his attention on the economy and the country just prior to 1913, referring to it as "The Final Days of the Old Regieme". 

Ethanol mandates -- a major Green agenda victory -- have proven to be nothing but a huge disaster for virtually all except the enviros, the politicians involved, and Big Corn.  Here (and here) I link to two pieces that explain how the ethanol "fraud" causes, among other things, unnecessarily higher gas prices.

Earlier this week, I linked to a Carpe Diem post where Mark Perry presented evidence that the stock market was not overpriced.  In that post I also shared my opinion that the market is in bubble-land already.  Well, here's an article  from the Financial Times that pretty well captures my view of things currently....not as analytical as Perry's position, but certainly not without some merit.