Thursday, April 18, 2013

The heroes at Institute for Justice win again!

The incredible legal team at the civil liberties law firm Institute for Justice just broke up the taxi cartel in Milwaukee!  From a news release put out by IJ yesterday:
Milwaukee, WI—In a resounding victory for economic liberty, today Judge Jane Carroll of the Milwaukee Circuit Court struck down the city’s taxicab law that outlawed competition in the taxi market. The law, implemented by the city in 1991, caused the price of a taxi permit to rise from $85 to over $150,000. Judge Carroll ruled from the bench shortly after listening to arguments in a lawsuit brought by three local taxi drivers and the Institute for Justice (IJ), the national law firm for liberty.
This is yet another example of the kind of rights protecting, liberty-enhancing legal work IJ specializes in. I've blogged on their accomplishments several times in the past and strongly recommend that if you're looking to provide financial support to a liberty-minded, limited-government driven organization, consider making a contribution to IJ (it's tax deductable as well).  

By the way, there is an excellent 3-minute background video on the case at the link above.