Monday, April 22, 2013

Stimulating Cronyism

So here's how it went: Obama takes taxpayer money and sends it to various governmental agencies around the country and calls it "stimulus".  And, as this report points out, the corrupt politicians in at least 7 states took the money and instead of using it for whatever stimulus-related functions they originally identified, gave it to various lobbying groups whose goal was to increase taxes on these same taxpayers.  It's just mind-boggling the amount of corruption in our political system; it ranges from the local community-level all the way up and into the White House.  Here's an excerpt from a FoxNews report:
At least seven U.S. communities that received stimulus money as part of a $373 million government program to educate Americans about obesity and tobacco use potentially violated federal law by using the funds to lobby for higher taxes and new local laws, according to a report by the nonpartisan group Cause of Action.
And this:
Beyond potentially breaking federal law, the communities also appear to have violated CDC guidelines, according to the 36-page report titled “How the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s … Grant Program Became a Front for Lobbying, Government Propaganda and Cronyism.”
This is an interesting, though infuriating, article.