Sunday, April 7, 2013

(Related update):A Hollywood star ragging on the nanny state?

Related Update:  I just ran across this article from Science Daily News that presents results of a recent study on evolution, physical prowess, aggression, and political persuasion. Here's an excerpt:
Using a sample of Hollywood stars they demonstrated that those actors known for their physical strength and formidability, among them Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone, were more likely to support military action. Generally speaking, Hollywood actors are left wing, but the action stars among them were more likely than not to support the Republican position on foreign policy.
You can find the article here (HT: Marginal Revolution).

Original Post: Famed actor and libertarian Jeremy Irons (The French Leutenient's Women; Brideshead Revisited (TV); Reversal of Fortune; Dead Ringers; Marginal Call) has some choice words about the NYC nanny state of Mayor Bloomberg in this short ( 3 minutes) video.  He's not breaking any new ground here; it's just so rare to find an entertainment industry star that is both anti-liberal and willing to go public about it.  When it happens, I want to positively reinforce that behavior -- so good on you, Jeremy!