Wednesday, April 24, 2013

(Related Update): Should the US pay for the national defense of its allies?

Related Update:  Here's a very cool, very short video just put out by the Cato Institute dramatizing the article I linked to in my original post (below):

Original Post:  A very interesting post over at Cato discusses that very question.  Most people don't realize just how much money American citizens spend each year providing for the national defense of some of our allies, and not just poor allies at that.  From the article:
The average American spends $2,300 on the military, based on the latest data available. That is roughly four and a half times more than what the average person in other NATO countries spends. These countries boast a collective GDP of approximately $19 trillion, 25 percent higher than the U.S. They obviously can afford to spend more. So why don’t they? Because Uncle Sucker picks up nearly the entire tab.
This is one of those topics that the more you learn, the madder you get.  So, if you're up for being annoyed, I suggest you check it out for yourself, here. It's a pretty darn interesting and creative info-graphic. (HT: Against Crony Capitalism).