Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rand Paul to the GOP: Evolve, adapt, or.....die

And he's right on target, in my book.  In an article posted at Rare, Paul outlines his vision for the future of the GOP and how it needs to embrace change of the type typically attributed to libertarian ideals.  Personally, I agree with virtually everything he says in the article which is not surprising considering that Paul is bascially a libertarian at heart.  Here's a couple of representative excerpts:
The GOP is supposed to be the party of limited government but it has not done a very good job of proving it. If Republicans can become the party of balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility, we can appeal to millions from all walks of life who genuinely fear for the burden we’re placing on our children.
If we’re going to start winning on the West Coast and in New England, and if we’re going to attract the young, we must change. If we don’t evolve and adapt, the Republican Party will die.  The GOP of old, stale and moss-covered, is largely responsible for our party’s current quandary. Only a new breed of Republican—bold, innovative and dedicated to liberty—can get us out of it.
The article strikes me as another brick in the foundational structure Paul's building as a base for his presidential run in 2016.  Regardless, the article is well worth a read; find it here.