Monday, April 8, 2013

It's enough to drive a man to drink (if he can afford it, that is)

Walter Olson at Cato-at-Liberty reports that New York appears to be the latest state to enact liquor laws that benefit large wholesale liquor distributors at the expense of smaller competitors and the liquor drinking general public.  Here's Olson quoting from a Sunday Edition Special Report by the New York Post:

David Waldenberg, of BNP Distributing Co., said 180 small-and medium-sized New York distributors will hurt by the measure. Those businesses have offices in New York that employ hundreds of people, he said, but use New Jersey storage facilities. If their warehousing costs go up, these businesses will die and jobs will ultimately be lost, he said. “The price of wine — it’ll go up $7 or $8 a bottle,” warned wine connoisseur and writer Jesse Nash. “The consumer is going to get nailed.”
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