Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm not surprised...

One of the things that I tell my students is that, since at least FDR's destructive New Deal policies of the 1930s, both Republican and Democratic administrations have adopted the view that Big Government is inevitable and, thus, should be embraced.  Though the two parties might differ over where the money should be spent (Dems: on welfare and re-distribution; Repubs: on military and the War on Drugs, etc.), they both agree that the government has a major role to play in our lives beyond the basic function of protecting our rights.  So, it's not surprising to see that if you look at spending since FDR, both parties have consistently increased the size of government.  Bush the Younger, as most know by now, was a huge spender.  In fact, he was a bigger spender than Obama has been thus far.  Consider this from a post today by Chris Mathews of the Cato Institute looking at Obama's recently released budget plan:
However, total federal outlays increased substantially faster under President George W. Bush than they have under Obama so far. It is true that Obama’s spending ambitions have been restrained by House Republicans. But looking at the raw data, it appears that the last Republican president was more profligate than the current Democratic one.
You can read the entire post here.