Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Honeywell, a green-agenda Obama cronyist, spends $25 million taxpayer dollars and creates just 10 jobs

The math's easy here: that's $2.5 million per job, a pretty pathetic use of our money, wouldn't you say? And at a recent shareholders meeting, when pressed on his inability to create the originally advertised number of jobs with the $25M, Honeywell CEO David Cote was arrogant and dismissive.  Present at the shareholders meeting, and there to press Cote on this subject, was Justin Danhoff of the National Center for Public Policy Research:
"Honeywell created 10 jobs with $25 million in taxpayer funds -- a cost of $2.5 million per job. If CEO Cote is 'comfortable' with that, he is sorely out of touch with reality, and he owes the taxpayers a better explanation than the terse reply he provided me today," said Danhof.
Read the whole sorry story here.
(HT: Instapundit).