Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's links

Over at his blog Via Meadia, Walter Russell Mead has a very insightful analysis of the current situation with the Euro.  His analysis -- actually, a recanting of a recent article by an Euro "insider" -- centers on the little-known fact that there are large regional price and wage differences across Europe, a situation that wasn't supposed to occur with a united currency.  Mead suggests that such may end up being the undoing of the European Union.  

More great news on the anti-global warming front: The enviro alarmist agenda just continues to fall apart, particularly in the heart of Green Utopia: Europe.  Earlier this week the bottom of the EU carbon market basically fell out, causing chaos in governments from UK to Germany.  Read all about it here.

Speaking of good news, it seems that the Dems are starting to acknowledge that the Obamacare monstrosity they jammed down the country's throat is going to be a disaster. Yesterday, OLS posted on the roofer's union calling for its repeal, and earlier this week, Obamacare architect Max Bacus (D-MT) called it a "train wreck about to happen".  Click here to see an excellent post (complete with videos) on Baucus's retreat and actual comments.