Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Britain's Reagan

The invaluable NotPC blogger Peter Cresswell has an absolutely superb post today honoring Margaret Thatcher.  His extensive post contains, among other things, a collection of Thatcher's most notable quotes and several videos clearly showing why she was known as the Iron Lady.  Cresswell's post also contains his usual insightful analysis complete with valuable links of related interest.  Here's an example:
And with her knowledge of Hayek behind her (who, with his mentor Ludwig Von Mises, had predicted the Soviet Union’s planned economy could never last), she faced up to the threat of a communism that seemed to be engulfing the world, and with Ronald Reagan she put it back in its box.

If your knowledge about Thatcher is weak, and your understanding of why she and Ronald Reagan are frequently discussed together lacking, then you owe to yourself to check out this article now. Take the time, and do it.