Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yeah, there's nothing to cut....

The Obama Administration is, of course, playing politics with the sequestration cuts, going out of its way to make the effects as visible and harmful to the public as possible.  The underlying assumption they want the public to accept is that there is literally no wasted government expenditures in our federal budget.  And since this is the case, the public will have to suffer to some extent.  This position is so utterly moronic, dishonest, and wrong that it boggles the mind.  As just one example of government waste that could easily be eradicated and save the public billions of dollars each year, consider the issue of federal government ownership of real estate.  From an article at FoxNews yesterday:
A prime example of how slowly the federal government moves is a piece of prime real estate in Washington's tony Georgetown neighborhood -- an old steam-generating plant with a spectacular view of the Potomac waterfront. 
The government-owned building was finally sold to a private developer for $19.5 million this month. But it sat there for 10 years -- off the  market and vacant -- while taxpayers footed the bill for its upkeep. 
But rather than find and eliminate waste throughout the federal government, our elected officials would rather inconvenience, almost punish in some instances, the public in ways visible just to try to score political points.  Disgusting....and politics as usual.

Related: From Ed Driscoll, guest blogging at Instapundit, here are two other examples of government spending projects that are clearly too important not to fund: studying snail sex and studying human-elephant relationships.  You just can't make this stuff up.