Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Links

It seems we're learning more each day about the joys of Obamacare as it continues to roll out and over our economy.  If you haven't been following all the wonderment, not to worry, here's an article that summarizes the law by presenting 10 disturbing facts that most of us didn't know.

Over at The Freeman, Lawrence Reed has a short, but direct, article praising those wise souls who have fought, and forwarned, against the growing welfare state in America.  Reed is an excellent writer and a strong thinker, two traits definitely on display in this recommended article.

And lastly, an article from another of my favorite pundits, Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute.  Here, he examines the Laffer Curve effects on tobacco in Ireland, noting that, as readers of OLS could have predicted, revenues from tobacco taxes brought in less than expected.  Mitchell also provides an educational video on the LC (about 7 minutes long and worth the time) as well as several links for further exploration.