Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Links

Yet another excellent article from George Mason economist, Walter Williams.  This time, Williams analyzes the myraid ways in which liberal intellectuals play the "race card" in our society, but does so in an interesting fashion.  The basis of his article are the thoughts and ideas from another American hero, Thomas Sowell.  In essence, Williams's article is a short book review of Sowell's most recent work, Intellectuals and Race   Both the book and the article are excellent, and both are worth your time and effort.

Earlier this week I stumbled onto an older (2003) presentation on media bias and the misuse of data for political benefit.  The speaker is Craig Cantoni who, at the time at least, was both a medical doctor and a columnist for the Arizona Republic newspaper. Overall, the video -- recorded at a meeting of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness conference in Phoenix -- is excellent and well-worth the 35 minutes (there is also an interesting 15-minute Q&A session worth listening to).  Cantoni has an engaging personality: witty, articulate, and confident.  The first five introductory minutes are superb.  I also enjoyed his rant on the government school system that starts at about the 28-minute mark. 

At The Daily Beast, Megan McArdle has a piece on the apparent bias economists exhibit when comparing getting married vs. going to college.  It's pretty well established that both will increase lifetime earnings and wealth, but economists typically advocate for college but remain neutral about getting married.  Why?  That's the subject of her article which you can find here.  By the way, if you get really interested in the topic, I suggest clicking through on the two links she provides; some good stuff there.