Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Links

There's a growing movement afoot involving doctors who are rebelling against Obamacare and doing so in a free-market manner.  It's called "direct primary care" and if you don't know about it, you should.  So, here's the link to an excellent article by the folks at discussing it in some detail.  These doctors are heroes in my book. 

Here's an article looking at the issue of whether massive debt has a negative impact on economic performance.  It's called "debt drag" and the research suggests that the answer is "yes" and that the US is in trouble.  But then again, everyone but Obama and his economic advisers figured that out awhile ago.

Last week I posted on the cronyism in Hollywood (here).  Well, this is a follow-up to that post.  Specifically, these two articles examine the tremendous subsidies film makers get from governments across the country who want blockbuster movies made in their states.  The first link here talks about last year's big hit, The Avengers, while this link looks at cronyism in the making of the current hot movie, Oz the Great and Powerful.