Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Links

I love watching Milton Friedman videos: the power and clarity of his statements is inspiring, not to mention lethal to those with opposite viewpoints.  Here, at a post earlier this week at Carpe Diem, Friedman talks about how capitalism is the only true cure for poverty.  Following that five-minute video is a great quote on helping the poor from the irreverent libertarian, Penn Julette.

EconTalk is a weekly podcast hosted by Russ Roberts, currently at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University.  I pretty much download his 60 minute podcasts every Monday and listen to them while driving to work.  A couple of Monday's ago, Roberts had my favorite blogger (by far), Glenn Reynolds of fame, as a guest.  I thought OLS readers might enjoy it as well, so here's the link.

 A fundamental political question that has tested philosophers since Plato, is "Where does the state derive its moral authority?"  While not claiming to have a definitive answer, the current issue of The Cato Institute's Cato Unbound publication does have some interesting analysis on the question.  The lead article, the link to which is here, is by noted political philosopher Michale Huemer.  Responses and critiques of his view can also be found at the link.