Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend LInks: March 1st

Here is a fascinating article from the Ludvig von Mises Institute that looks at the issue of whether our government should address the massive debt by defaulting on its obligations.  The writer links to various articles on both sides of the issue, but ultimately believes that default -- employing the thoughts and ideas of 20th century economic giant Murry Rothbard -- is both moral and practical.  This intellectually sophisticated, moderately lenghty article has numerous valuable citations for further exploration and is strongly recommmended.

Unions are among the biggest supporters of minimum wage laws and proposed minimum wage increases.  Is it because they're showing support for the lower levels of the labor force? Of course not.  It's because it benefits unions.  How so? You can find the answer here. (HT: Danny Ervin).

People should be free to put whatever drugs they want into their own bodies.  It may be stupid behavior, it may be self-destructive behavior, but it's also behavior that is none of your or my business.  The only thing the state should do is to stop prohibiting it.  And when they do, good things happen.  What am I talking about? Check out this post at Not PC reporting on Portugal's successful experimentation with drug legalization.  And as an important associated effect: reduction of gun-related violence.

Here's an excellent 2 1/2 minute video from Michael Tanner from the influential think tank, The Cato Institute.  Tanner's video gives some important perspective to all the scare-tactics the Obama Admimistration and his mainstream media have been pushing to derail the sequestration cuts.  My favorite part of the video is the beginning, where we see Obama proposing, and then defending, the need for the sequestration two years ago, juxtaposed with footage of him now -- after being re-elected, of course -- demanding that it be stopped before all hell breaks loose.  What, Obama hypocritical? Stop, now we're just talking crazy talk....