Friday, March 29, 2013

This looks like a great project

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) has just started a project where he highlights the incredible waste and complexity of the federal government and how it traps, and punishs, innocent US citizens.  His project, Victims of Government, will consist of a collection of videos detailing examples of individual Americans who have been victims of excessive, immoral, and destructive governmental regulations.  From his new website for the project:
The Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy estimates that it costs Americans $1.75 trillion to comply with federal regulations each year.  To put $1.75 trillion into perspective, that amount is larger than all but eight economies in the world.  It also means that over 10% of the U.S. economy is spent on trying to satisfy rules issued by Washington bureaucrats. That doesn't even include federal, state, and local taxes.
The first victim's story is provided in a 3-minute video at the website (HT: Carpe Diem). 

And by the way, good on Johnson for starting this project.  Pretty politically courageous, actually, given how politicians spend much of their time covering up and deflecting attention away from their wasteful, usually self-beneficial, regulations and pet projects.  Hopefully this project will be an inspiration for other politicans to follow suit.