Monday, March 18, 2013

The politics of astroids

I have to confess to not being overly concerned about the possibility of earth being struck by an astroid large enough to do massive damage.  It seems to me that we have the technology available to make the problem disappear; the article I link to here agrees with that assessment.  However, as the article also makes clear, the real threat to the planet comes not from the astroid, nor from technological concerns, but rather from political considerations.  Hear this:
A looming asteroid strike would be a global problem demanding a complex and coordinated response, experts say. Not only would nations need to set aside their differences and work together, but some would have to put their citizens at increased risk for the good of the planet, agreeing to allow the space rock to be steered in their direction from the predicted impact site.
This fascinating article discusses some of the myriad geo-political problems raised by a renegade astroid.  And, it also has some cool, short videos worth checking out!(HT: