Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Economist finally jumps off the enviro bandwagon!

Another mainstream media outlet, this time the British publication The Economist, has seen the light and has dropped its advocacy of global warming alarmism.  From an article at the center-left blog, Via Meadia:
The Economist is finally ditching climate change hysteria. As a new piece in the British newsweekly notes, the world just hasn’t gotten much warmer over the past 15 years...... The Economist has a history of riding this doom horse pretty hard, writing in the run-up to the disastrous 2009 Copenhagen climate summit that “[n]o deal means that mankind gives up on trying to save the planet.” The magazine was also a big backer of some of the more dubious ideas to come from the global green brain trust, writing in 2001 that “the best approach to tackling this most global of problems must be through a binding global treaty,” and later that ”[i]n the end, the best chance for action on climate change comes from a flexible, global treaty and a wealthier world better able to afford such a treaty.
And in case you missed it, earlier this year the New York Times shut down first its environmentalism desk, and then earlier this month, its environmentalism blog.  This is great news for liberty lovers!