Saturday, March 2, 2013

Now this is beautiful!

Dan Mitchell, blogging at Cato-at-Liberty, absolutely shreds a Washington Post article lamenting the plight of all those under-appreciated government bureaucrats as the sequester cuts materialize.  There is so much interesting and educational material in his post (not to mention his beautiful sarcasm) that finding a selection to quote here was, simultaneously, both hard and easy.  But I do think this selection gives a nice sampling of the article:
Excuse me while I wipe away the tears and compose myself. There are so many stories of unbearable hardship:
  • It’s absolutely heartbreaking to read about those unfortunate, oppressed, and under-appreciated bureaucrats who live in “a leafy section of Fairfax County where houses sell in the $700,000 range.”
  • And you can understand my tears of sympathy for folks who, as one bureaucrat admitted, had jobs where the “pay was guaranteed and you couldn’t get laid off.”
  • Moreover, we all share the pain of bureaucrats who must deal with uncomfortable comparisons, such as the fact that “pensions, once considered routine, have become a wild luxury in the private sector, so when many Americans hear that public employees still get retirement pay, they can get frustrated.”
A terrific, highly recommended article...get it here.