Monday, March 25, 2013

Makes me proud to be in the education industry (not!)

When it comes to problems with our educational system, particularly as it relates to K-12, one area that seems to garner less attention than others is the issue of teacher prepardness.  If we have unprepared, unqualified, incompetent teachers in the classroom, we're basically making our students swim upstream.  In yet another superb article, Walter Williams takes on this topic in his typical take-no-prisoners approach.  Here's a representitive segment from his must-read piece:
Poor teacher preparation is not a problem restricted to California. In Massachusetts, only 27 percent of new teachers could pass the math test needed to be certified as a teacher. A 2011 investigation by Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News found that more than 700 Georgia teachers repeatedly failed at least one portion of the certification test they are required to pass before receiving a teaching certificate. Nearly 60 teachers failed the test more than 10 times, and one teacher failed the test 18 times. They also found that there were 297 teachers on the Atlanta school system’s payroll even though they had failed the state certification test five times or more.
Mind-boggling.  Read all about it here.