Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let's stop fiddling with the clock and save $2 Billion a year!

Most people I know are annoyed twice a year by the clock-adjusting daylight saving time law.  You gain an hour, you lose an's not clear, to me at least, why we do it (if you're interested in some of the many reasons given for DST, check out wikipedia's article here; it's a much more involved issue than I had imaged, to be honest).  Given we were DST'd last night, I thought this article at Carpe Diem might be interesting.  Here's an excerpt:
Although it is unclear what benefit Americans derive from adjusting their timepieces twice a year, the costs they bear are clear. As the Benjamin Franklin adage goes: Time is money, and time spent resetting clocks and watches is time that cannot be devoted to other, more valuable uses. Switching between daylight saving and standard time has what economists call an “opportunity cost.”