Wednesday, March 27, 2013

IJ wins a school choice case in Indiana!

They say things come in three's...well, here's the third OLS post highlighting an important Institute for Justice case in the last week.  This time IJ has won an important victory for supporters of school choice in Indiana.  The Indiana Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the state’s Choice Scholarship Program does not violate the Indiana Constitution.  And the parents who pushed the issue all the way to the state supremes had IJ lawyers as council.  From the news release:
"Today’s decision is a major and decisive win for Indiana parents and students.  In unanimously upholding the Choice Scholarship Program, the Indiana Supreme Court has made it clear that school choice is perfectly consistent with the state constitution,” said Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Bert Gall, who argued alongside Indiana Solicitor General Tom Fisher for the constitutionality of the program before the Indiana Supreme Court at its hearing on the case this past November.  “The teachers’ unions tried to prevent parents from using Choice Scholarships to secure a quality education for their children, but the unions failed.”
I love it when unions lose...anytime, anywhere, on any issue....